3 Generation PedigreeTo get a new copy of your 3 generation pedigree£10
Change of OwnershipChange of ownership with change of ownership certificate£15
Change of Ownership with PedigreeChange of ownership with 3 generation pedigree (where possible) and an ownership certificate£30
Dog RegistrationTo add a dog to your account. You will receive a 3 generation pedigree (where possible) and an ownership certificate£15
Duplicate CertificatesKennel name, ownership certificate & 3 generation pedigree£10
Find a Puppy RegisterTo add your litter to our find a puppy register£20
Kennel NameKennel name certificate£30
Late Registration ChargeRegistering a litter of pups over 6 months old charge £ 50 charge plus normal £ 15 per puppy registered£50
Litter CertificateA certificate containing the full litter details cost is per pup£5
Puppy Naming ServiceTo have your litter named for you£20