• Any dog of any age can be registered with the DWKC. We will require proof of 3 generation pedigrees if you require generation pedigrees for your dogs.
  • When you register a dog you will receive a registration card with all the details of your dog please keep these safe as you will require the registration numbers to make future amendments. You will also receive a change of ownership code which new owners will need to change new ownership details.
  • If you lose these details and require replacements, there will be a charge.
  • Dogs already registered with another club may also register with the DWKC.
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to update results of any health screening and DNA results.


  • It is important where possible to add your dogs’ microchip number.


  • The dam must be under 7 years old.
  • All details must be entered correctly and, if required, proof must be provided.


  • Only one kennel name is allowed and accepted per household.


  • You have the right to add endorsements to your puppy/dogs’ paperwork.
  • A dog who has paperwork endorsed will have the endorsement passed to the new owner when change of ownership takes place. However the new owner will have to sign to say that they accept and agree to the endorsement on the dog’s registration paperwork which the previous owner will keep for future reference.
  • Only the person who places the endorsement has the right to remove the endorsement.


  • Whilst in heat if the bitch is serviced against more than one stud then it is the stud dog owners responsibility to order a paternity test before giving the details of the stud to allow the paperwork to be processed.
  • We don’t have any specific age requirements when a dog can be a father.


  • We recommend that your bitch has good clean whelping facilities.
  • We hope that all dog owners will properly house, feed, water, and exercise the dogs in their care.
  • Keeping dogs up to date on all flea treatment, worming treatment and regular veterinary check-ups to keep dogs healthy and in the best condition.
  • Do not perform mating’s when it could harm the bitch or stud in any way.
  • Please ensure that where possible all relevant DWKC documentation is provided on the sale of a puppy/dog.
  • The recommended age when a dog should be used for stud is over 8 months old. Although all males vary and this is more down to the dog himself, when you think he is ready or when he takes it upon himself.