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Our first priority is health and quality. We don’t believe colours are a fad. We believe colours are here to stay and we want to be able to provide people with the correct documentation for their dogs.

We are planning on becoming the largest organisation dedicated to all the different colours and different crossbreeds of all dogs, In the UK and around the world. You can now register your little pups under their correct colours. We offer dog owners and those working with dogs a source of education, from experience and advice on DNA within dog breeding, to get you the colours you desire with perfect mating partners.

We believe firstly in quality and secondly in DNA why shouldn’t these dogs have the same rights as the standard colours when the quality and health is there. There are many reputable breeders having the best quality in colours so we are here to help you find these dogs.

We also plan on arranging professional dog shows where dogs can be shown in all their colours. One World, One Club. We see the world as one and everywhere in the world will receive the same paperwork so no need for importing and exporting pedigrees.